Girl Names That Start with O

List of girl names that start with O for your information and knowledge. Select the best O names for girls from the list below:

Name Meaning Origin
Obelia Needle Greek
Ocean Sea Greek
Oceana From The Sea Greek
Octavia The Eighth Latin
Odeda Strong Hebrew
Odele Wealthy, Melody Greek
Odelia I Will Praise God Greek
Odessa The Odyssey Latin
Odetta Ode French
Odette Ode, Melodic French
Odina Mountain Latin
Ofira Gold Hebrew
Oihane From The Forest Spanish
Ojal Vision Hindi
Okalani Heaven Hawaiian
Oki Ocean Centered Japanese
Oksana God Is With Us Slavic
Olathe Lovely, Beautiful Native American
Olencia Not Available American
Olesia Protector Of Humanity Polish
Olga Holy Slavic
Oliana From Oleander Hawaiian
Olina Joyous Hawaiian
Olinda Form Of Yolanda Latin
Olisa God Native American
Olive Olive Branch, Peace Latin
Olivia Peace - Of The Olive Tree Latin
Olwen White Footprint Welsh
Olympe Olympian French
Olympia Mountain Of The Gods Greek
Omana A Woman Hindi
Ona Full Of Grace Latin
Onaedo Gold African
Onaona Sweet Smell Hawaiian
Onawa Awake Native American
Ondrea Strong, Courageous Slavic
Oneida Eagerly Awaited Native American
Onella Torch Light Hungarian
Oni Born On Holy Ground Native American
Ontibile God Is Watching Over Me African
Oona One Celtic/Gaelic
Opa Owl Native American
Opal Precious Gem Hindi
Ophelia Helper Greek
Ophira Gold Greek
Ophrah Light Hebrew
Oprah Runaway Hebrew
Ora Gold Spanish
Oralee Lord Is My Light Hebrew
Orea Mountains Greek
Orenda Magic Power Native American
Oria From The Orient Latin
Oriana Golden Dawn Latin
Orinda Pine Trees Hebrew
Orli The Light Is Mine Hebrew
Orma Free Men African
Ormanda Of The Sea German
Orpah Fawn Hebrew
Osanna Praise! Greek
Osma God's Servant Latin
Otylia Lucky Heroine German
Ouida Warrior Woman French
Ova Egg Latin
Owena Well-Born Welsh
Ownah Form Of Una Celtic/Gaelic

This was the list of girl names starting with O, more O names for girls will be added soon

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