Girl Names That Start with H

List of girl names that start with H for your information and knowledge. Select the best H names for girls from the list below:

Name Meaning Origin
Ha Kiss Of Life Vietnamese
Hada Salty Place African
Hadassah Myrtle Tree Hebrew
Hafwen Summer's Beauty Welsh
Haile From The Name Hayley English
Hailey Hero English
Hali Sea Greek
Halia Memorial Hawaiian
Halima Gentle, Kind Swahili
Halle Heroine Scandinavian
Hallie Clearing Of Hay English
Hana Bud - Blossom Japanese
Hang Moon Vietnamese
Hanh Apricot Tree Vietnamese
Hanna Goddess Of Life Hebrew
Hannah Grace Of God Hebrew
Hanne Grace Scandinavian
Hannelore Gracious German
Hanzila Road, Path African
Haracha Frog African
Harmony A Beautiful Blending Latin
Harriet Home Ruler German
Harsha Happiness Hindi
Harva Warrior English
Hasana First Born Twin Swahili
Havily Grace Of God American
Hawa Desire African
Hayley From The Name Haley English
Hazel The Hazel Tree Celtic/Gaelic
Hazelle From The Name Hazel English
Hazina Treasure African
Heather A Flowering Plant English
Heaven From The Heavens American
Heavynne Heaven English
Heba Gifted Arabic
Hedda From Hedwig-Refuge In Battle German
Hedia Voice Of The Lord Hebrew
Hedva Joy Hebrew
Hedwig Refuge In Battle German
Hedy From The Name Hedda English
Hedya From The Name Hedia Hebrew
Heidi Honorable German
Helaine From The Name Helen Greek
Helen Light Greek
Helena From The Name Helen Greek
Helene From The Name Helen Greek
Helga Holy, Faithful Scandinavian
Helia Sun Greek
Heller The Sun Greek
Heloise Famous Fighter French
Henrietta Ruler Of The Home German
Henriette Ruler Of The House German
Hera Goddess Of Maternity Greek
Hermione Earthy Greek
Hesper Evening Star Greek
Hester Star Greek
Hestia Goddess Of The Hearth Greek
Hetal Friendly Hindi
Heulwen Light From The Sun Welsh
Hide Excellent Japanese
Hidi Root African
Hija Daughter African
Hila Aura - Halo Hebrew
Hilda Protector, Valkyrie Scandinavian
Hilde A Valkyrie Scandinavian
Hina Goddess Of Fish Or Fishing Hawaiian
Hinda Female Deer Hebrew
Hiroko Magnanimous Japanese
Hisano Open Plain Japanese
Holiday Festive Day English
Hollace Var.Hollis, Near The Valley English
Holli From The Name Holly English
Hollie Plant With Red Berries American
Hollis Near The Valley English
Holly Plant With Red Berries English
Hollye From The Name Holly English
Honey Sweet As Honey American
Hong Pink And Rosy Vietnamese
Honora Integrity Latin
Honoria Honor Latin
Hop Consistant Vietnamese
Hope Trust, Faith English
Hosanna Praise! Greek
Hoshiko Star Japanese
Hova Middle Class African
Hue Lily Flower Vietnamese
Huela Feminine Form Of Hugh German
Huong Scent Of The Flower Vietnamese
Huyen Jet Black Vietnamese
Hyacinth The Flower Greek
Hypatia Intellectually Superior Woman Greek

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