Boy Names That Start with V

List of boy names that start with V for your information and knowledge. Select the best V names for boys from the list below:

Name Meaning Origin
Vachel Small Cow French
Vadin Known Lecturer Hindi
Vahe Strong Armenian
Valdemar Ruler Scandinavian
Valentino Health Or Love Latin
Valerian Potent Latin
Valin Monkey King Hindi
Vance Swamp English
Vanig Small Town Armenian
Varden Green Slope French
Varen Superior Hindi
Varick Honorable Defender German
Vartan Giver Of Roses Armenian
Varun Lord Of The Sea Hindi
Vaschel Little Ash Tree Hebrew
Vashon God Is Gracious, Merciful African-American
Vasilis Kingly Greek
Venedict Form Of Benedict African-American
Vern Youthful French
Vernados Courage Of A Bear Greek
Verne Youthful Latin
Vernon Youthful Latin
Verrill Faithful French
Vic Victorious Latin
Victor Winner, Conqueror Latin
Vidal Vital Spanish
Vidar Lumberjack Scandinavian
Vidor Happy Hungarian
Viet Of Vietnamese Descent Vietnamese
Viho Chief Native American
Vijay Victorious Hindi
Vilmos Steady German
Vin Victorious Latin
Vince Victorious Latin
Vincent Victorious Latin
Vinnie From The Name Vincent American
Vinny From The Name Vincent American
Vinson Son Of Vincent English
Virgil Strong Latin
Virote Power Thai
Vitalis Life Greek
Vito Life Italian
Vittorio Conqueror Italian
Vivek Discerning With Wisdom Hindi
Vlad Prince Slavic
Vladimir Prince Slavic

This was the list of boy names starting with V, more V names for boys will be added soon.

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